· Create and schedule new or monitor existing UI features and data flow.
· Analyze console responses and data displays in the UI and debug for a code fix in case there exists errors or glitches in user interface.
· Automate data sorting and displaying for quick data retrieval on the client’s account.
· Design and implement testers throughout the program to frequently check the accuracy of the code.
· Create and maintain Angular procedures to generate exceptions in user interface.
· Perform routine checkup of output’s time and space analysis and optimize algorithm script.
· Code test sequences in the front-end code for evaluating program health and error reporting.
· Validate successful code implementation by team and provide appropriate feedback for any improvisation.
· Investigate Karma’s and Jasmine’s test logs created by the program to understand its validity and if necessary modify it to improve the results.
· Plan and alert team on front-end development changes before implementing them.
· Perform statistical analysis in TypeScript, HTML, CSS language, to determine width, height, frequency of widgets on the UI.
· Extract data from the appropriate API to display on the product’s UI.
· Create and maintain code design and attribute mapping documentation for all organizational product design activities.
· Perform impact analysis and communicate the effect of various features on existing environments and/or project.
· Daily scrum with team to provide status on the daily activities and to get aware of the upcoming deliverables from each team member.
· Conduct knowledge transfer and troubleshooting sessions for team members and enforce utilization of accepted methodologies & tools for increased efficiency.


Experience: 1-3 years


BSc in Computer Science

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