The amount of original content being created for global distribution is growing exponentially from the explosion in new digital platforms and devices. Today’s manual supply chains can’t keep up. A next-generation platform with new levels of visibility and control is needed to manage and merchandise titles and their listings across stores, geographies and languages.

Spherex is the first always-on digital market network for content providers, distributors and retailers who seek transparency, flexibility and control while marketing titles globally.

Spherex connects content providers and distributors with retailers for the purpose of updating title metadata and measurably impacting storefront revenue.

With Spherex, operators in our industry can increase the sales performance of digital media and entertainment content. Our AI-assisted market network acts like a smart merchandising assistant that monitors your titles across global OTT and MVPD platforms, notifies you of metadata issues, helps you adapt to changing market conditions and empowers you to discover new revenue opportunities.

You can try out Spherex by contacting us with a request on this site.  We will give you access to your own Spherex marketspace so you can start exploring the global stores carrying your titles’ listings and metadata. It’s really cool – so we hope you’ll take us up on this free offer because seeing is believing.

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