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Why Spherex?

The pressures for smarter digital marketing are upon us

  • According to Juniper the OTT market is exploding with global revenues doubling to $120B by 2022.
  • Multi-billion dollar annual content budgets are expanding.
  • The workflows of today’s linear supply chain simply cannot keep up.

Created by waves of explosive growth in content & platforms

  • The world’s creative and platform economies are converging.
  • Connected digitally across networks, devices and formats
  • Compressing windows and TVOD, SVOD and AVOD distribution.

New levels of visibility & control are needed to manage titles

  • Global retail store transparency
  • Fluid metadata with automated workflows and monitoring
  • Meaningful, actionable market intelligence


Spherex reboots media marketing with global store-level visibility
Monitor digital titles across your stores – all from a single web browser

We are an entirely new way to manage title listings across OTT and MVPD platforms.











Bring global title merchandising to life through  fluid metadata, simple title monitoring, and actionable market intelligence.

Making the Impossible, Possible

Spherex is an intelligent interchange for content owners, distributors and retailers

A place with tools, products and services that let marketing and operations teams manage global titles,
understand and adapt to changing market conditions and discover new revenue opportunities
One place for everyone – where metadata just flows

You will be amazed by what you can see

  • Your global presence and metadata in one place
  • Real-time availability and pricing – globally
  • Revenue opportunities that don’t require additional cost
  • Competitive pricing and market penetration

and thrilled by what you can do

  • Monitor global Avails – OTT & MVPD
  • Update storefronts’ metadata
  • Optimize worldwide title assortments
  • Decrease supply chain expenses

You will enjoy the company too

Let us show you how to take control of titles across the globe

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